How to choose fresh fruits

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Have you ever picked rotten or bad fruit from a grocery store? For something that seems so simple, buying fruit can be deceivingly complex. That’s why if you look closely at most any grocery store produce section you’ll notice people squeezing, sniffing and examining their fruit very carefully. Here are some tips on how to select the best fruits every time.

Number one rule is choosing fruits that are in season in your living region. Fruits that are in season and locally grown tend to have more nutrients and flavor than those that are imported from far away places.

Apples: A good ripe apple will be firm, deeply colored and free of bruises. Depending on the variety; For red-colored varieties, look for apples that are mostly red. For yellow-colored apples, look for apples that are mostly bright yellow. Red and yellow apples that have several patches of green color are generally not as tasty as bright red and yellow apples. If you want to find apples with the best flavor, buy them during apple season, which spans from late summer to early winter.

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